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Got Old GMRS Radio?
Set it up and test it.
Spring Branch, Houston

Do this: Find a radio, kids have em? - - Charge or check battery good. Set up channel 17, (Tappenbeck Group), and privacy code #32 (203.5 Hz.) press PTT to save. Press PTT now for 2+ seconds & release to “ping” Tappenbeck site repeater, when chirp, beep, or blurp response confirms, you’re good to go for Tappenbeck Neighbor Radio communications.

Repeater? - Go ahead - set one up, it's not rocket science, get kids to do it.

Setup channel 16, (wider area), the exact same way. Press PTT for 2+ seconds for chirp, beep, or blurp response. Announce, "Spring Branch Neighbor Radio Test” or similar.

After testing, you can leave your radio off or on. Either way, test on occasion, establish with neighbors. If you leave it on you may hear others testing Neighbor Radio from time to time. Talk. Peace of mind - - know it's there, know it works, talk.

Neighbor Radio site repeaters and systems are designed to be completely backward compatible with any GMRS radio with privacy code features.

Neighbor Radio repeater records your voice message, up to a minute or so length, and broadcasts it right back immediately. Neighbor Radio Repeaters operate independent of grid electric power.

Many rechargeable radios will utilize "AA" or "AAA" batteries.

Email this info to neighbors.