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Radio simplex repeater site or antenna elevated 20 to 40 feet or higher provides substantially more coverage range that short radio-to-radio communications. Enough range to allow dependable neighbor-to-neighbor and neighborhood to neighborhood contact for Nextdoor.com size groups and larger. Antenna height is key. Components in a 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor or higher apartment provides wide neighborhood or district coverage.

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*The inexpensive "Parrot" or talk-back repeater records your voice message and broadcast it back immediately from a higher location with 4 to 10 watts effected radiated power (ERP) Other radios near by may hear your message as you're initiating com, and hear it again from the repeater as broadcasted back from repeater antenna. "Parrot talk-back".. Radios further away will usually only hear the "Parrot" broadcasting your message.

Check Nextdoor.com for Neighbor Radio activity, schedules, test, broadcast, nearby Neighbor Radio nets, channels, privacy codes, etc.



Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.

Most any GMRS with privacy codewill operated simplex repeater.