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Electric Power Grid Independent.



How To Setup Repeater
Emergency Neighbor Radio


This ain't rocket science - find upper floor location.
Get kids to do it.


1. A 2 to 8 watt FRS / GMRS / UHF radio, hand held. with removable antenna. (Aux. antenna capable.)
2. A simplex repeater controler and radio compatible cable to connect & control radio.
      See; > Pictures, assembly.


A 12 DC or 110 VAC power source. For off-grid independent emergency communications power source:

See/Click:>>   power source page.


Elevation of repeater components three to five floors for wide neighborhood coverage, alternately, a tall antenna (and connecting cable)


Amazon good source for Baofeng UV-3R+  UHF Repeater Radio Type


Ebay good source for:
simplex controller for K type cable here in order of preference: The three we have tested
Radio Tone $50. Argent $99. Supercom $65.  .

Radio Tone is best value. Excellent Argent ADS-SR1 Simplex Repeater requires extra cable, total about $99


Elevation, height is what facilitates wide area communications. A 10 - 15 ft. height =1 mile com radius. Height of 25 ft. = 2 mile com radius.
Apartment or building 3rd, 4th or higher, 3 to 10 mile radius. It's line of sight range. Without terrain interference com range is almost unlimited. 

Real emergency com systems need grid independent power source. This can be charged, prior-to-need, storage battery, car, marine, etc AGM sealed type.


              Any Radio
Almost any GMRS/FRS or UHF Two-Way Radio capable of Tone Squelch #32 (203.5 Hz.) will work with Neighbor Radio  Project repeaters. Many radios, even blister pack radios, accept AA or AAA batteries for communications when other systems fail. Dust em off, charge em, re-battery them, set em up as above. They're now range expanded Neighbor Radios.

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Neighbor Radio is urging those wanting communications when the real emergency comes to set up electric grid-independent Neighbor Radio repeaters. How-to education available from Wireless Industry Association president Bob Hutchinson or Neighbor Radio users, public service Ham Radio operators, municipal emergency personnel,

Initial repeater operation is simplex, parrot or talk-back repeater. Repeater records voice message or announcement and plays it back immediately. Duplex repeater is desired but, with inexpensive radios the simplex repeater has better efficiency  and will provide for Neighborhoods Project emergency communications.



Baofeng UV-5R+  UHF Repeater Radio Type



         Click Picture


Midland types also uses AA or AAA alkaline.


Bare Bones Emergency Communications GMRS Repeater, 15 channel radio. Click:>> frequency chart.

This $100 emergency communication repeater is ready for use with A/C power, has 12 VDC to 110 VAC inverter for DC power source



Baofeng or similar  with =>15 channel, min. 2.0 watts output

Simplex repeater Controller, cable for radio model

Three or four receptacle power strip

150 watt 12 VDC. To 110 AC inverter

      Tape, Velcro or attach to a board. 















Almost any solar panel, 50 watts or greater and almost  any 12DC battery will power this GMRS radio repeater communications set independent of power grid.


An elevated location, several floors up, will provide several miles of reliable simplex radio communications utilizing almost any (99%) GMRS / FRS handheld two-way radios. Several additional floors up, many more miles of communications.