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The Neighbor Radio project is setup and expanding for urgent, non-urgent, social, emergency, chat or watch communications in neighborhoods.



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Neighbor Radio
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Emergency Radio
Urgent Radio
Non-Urgent Radio
Local Social Radio
Local Chat Radio
Neighborhood Watch Radio Announcement Radio

Inexpensive UHF two-way radios, distributed free to participants, operate over the neighborhood group area utilizing Neighbor Radio site UHF GMRS repeaters. Order Free Radios


Neighbor Radio site repeaters operate electric-grid-independent during power outage. See “Preparedness” at web. 


Who said, "when local cell phone communications is absolutely most needed, - - - It will not be available"?
Bob Hutchinson, Wireless Industry Association president
, 1997.


No information required. This is a free public service. Nothing to buy. Neighbor Radio does not sell anything.



Neighbor Radio Project is a public service endeavor sponsored, funded and supported by the Wireless Industry Association's non-profit Neighborhood Watch Radio program and local businesses, civic organizations, volunteers, and participants. Nothing to buy.



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