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Electric Power Grid Independent.

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Nextdoor.com Neighborhoods that may be within ZIP 77055 coverage area of a Neighbor Radio site repeater are below. The site repeater, cross streets - Bunker Hill Rd. @ Long Point Rd.

UHF antenna is 35 - 40 feet and coverage is one to two miles radius with hand held radio depending on terrain density, first or higher floor, inside car, antenna height, type, etc. Upper floor range greater.

Many GMRS radios have been distributed in the past. These radios are operational with this Neighborhoods project and with much greater communications range. Additional project repeaters are planned for other groups with volunteers and solar powered repeater kits.

Possible Neighbor Radio neighborhoods coverage by distance from repeater.


Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.

Most any GMRS with privacy codewill operated simplex repeater.

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Rolling Wood, 0.0 mi
Spring Branch, 0.0 mi
Tappeneck, 0.0 mi
Long Point Woods South. 0.1 mi
Long Point Woods North, o.1 mi
Long Point Ares, 0.1 mi
Cedardale, 0.1 mi
Spring Branch Oaks, .3 mi
Olathe Plus, 0.3 mi
Blalock/Westview, 0.4 mi
Royal Oaks East, 0.5 mi
Hedwig  Village, 0.6 mi
Western Oaks, 0.6 mi
Riedel Estates, o.6 mi
Spring Branch Med. Center, 0.6 mi

Spring Valley. .6 mi
Spring Woods, 0.7 mi
Royal Oaks, 0.8 mi
Upper Spring Branch, .8 mi
Spring Shadows
(part), 0.9
Subject to change
Shadow Springs, 0.9 mi
Frostwood, 1.0 mi
Spring Branch Estates II, 1.0 mi
Shadow Wood Village, 1.0 mi
Shadow Oaks, 1.1 mi
Memorial City, 1.1 m i
Nob Hill, 1.2 mi
Bunker Hill Townhomes, 1.2 mi
Springwood Timber Creek, 1.2 i