Are you ready for Hurricane Season? Stock up on Supplies During Emergency Preparation Tax-Free Weekend!

- Axes
- Batteries, plenty of AAA & AA alkaline for emergency GMRS & UHF two-way radios, flashlights,, 6 volt, 9 volt
- Can openers – nonelectric
- Coolers and ice chests for food storage
- Fire extinguishers
- First aid kits
- Fuel containers
- Hatchets
- Light sources – portable self-powered (including battery operated)
- Examples of items include: candles, flashlights and lanterns
-TCell phone batteries
- Radios – emergency GMRS & UHF for neighborhoods emergency communications
- Smoke detectors
- Tarps and other plastic sheeting


- Batteries for automobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles
- Camping stoves
- Camping supplies
- Chainsaws
- Plywood
- Extension ladders
- Stepladders
- Tents
- Repair or replacement parts for emergency preparation supplies
- Services performed on, or related to, emergency preparation supplies

Preparing Now

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and runs through November 30th. Although researchers indicate that this year will be an “average” year for the number of hurricanes, it’s important to remember that It Only Takes One to cause massive damage, injuries and loss of life, so it’s important to be ready.

Electrical is usually first utility to be lost. Cell Phone servce is usually second . Always have GMRS or UHF emergency two-way radios, batteries and neighborhoods radio electric-grid-independent communications frequencies information. Test and participate in Neighborhoods Radio Network systems (NRN). Check your facility, Crime & Safety.   

Staying aware of emergency conditions can save your life. Houston residents can register for Alert Houston to receive timely notices about emergencies in Houston. Visit to register for this free service.

Preparedness Resources

OEM also produces the City’s Disaster Preparedness Guide, which walks residents step-by-step through the emergency planning process. These are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic*, and French*, and can be ordered by calling 311 (VRS: 711 – 713.837.0311), or downloaded online at