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Neighborhoods Project

The standard Neighbor Radio UHF Radios are free in this project. The Neighbor Radio Neighborhoods project is a free public service project. Contact Hazel to order. Radios will be arranged, Starbucks are handy. Talk with neighbors. You can order radios for them.

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See Nextdoor.com

Hazel Branchette, Coordinator

832 528-2374
Royal Oaks East

No Personal Information Required
We only need information to get a radio to you. Nextdoor.com Group name and how to arrange hand-off. Starbucks is always handy. Also, a commitment to participate and pass the radio on to another if you loose interest or move. Contact the Neighbor Radio Coordinator

Spring Branch Standard 15 channel radio: Turn on.
Spring Branch area coverage - Select channel 9, (GMRS CH16)
Tappenbeck.Nextsdoor.com Group - Select channel 10, (GMRS CH17),Talk, monitor. See: Ops in Menu.

We procure the 15 channel UHF Neighbor Radios in bulk in a couple of different brands. Neighbor Radio volunteer coordinators come across the featured radios in UHF and dual band VHF / UHF at for upgrade. Radios have removable antennas so other antenna arrangements can be implemented if necessary for effective communications.

We custom program each radio for GMRS channels and Neighbor Radio channels. We don't offer a choice of radios. It's what we have programmed and on hand. Contact the Neighbor Radio coordinator to arrange for radios for you and friends or neighbors for Spring Branch local social radio fun.

Contact Coordinator or Bob Hutchinson or any Neighbor Radio participant for radio equipment. Call: 713 467-0077
Email Bob:  n5cnn@paq.net or topbox@wirelessindustry.com
Contact via Tappenbeck.Nextdoor.com or your Nextdoor.com group.

15 Channel

This is a std.Neighbor Radio

100+ Channels

Google Feature Radio.

100+ Channels

Google Feature Radio.


100 Channel

Google Feature Radio This little radio charges with micro USB like cell phones.

15  Channels

Google This is alternate std. Neighbor Radio




Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.

Most any GMRS with privacy codewill operated simplex repeater.