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Two-way radio protocol?
Roger, Wilco, Over & Out? Naa, none of that. Press PTT, ask for radio check. "Neighbor Radio, is this thing working?"

Many radios have a feature that scans all the channels. You might establish alternate channels for radio-to-radio com with others.

Initial repeater operation will be simplex, Parrot or talk-back repeater. Repeater records message and plays it back immediately. Duplex repeater is desired but, majority of GMRS radios will not operate duplex repeaters.

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Use a name, or, a "handle", "screen name", or "real name" plus maybe your Nextdoor.com group name. "Armalee Tappenbeck". Seems, with cell phones today, Home Depot, the NSA, other governments and the World knows way too much about your activities and movements.

Local low powered Neighbor Radio traffic is totally un-interesting to the NSA, CIA, FBI, governments and Home Depot and probably more private than the data made available, big time, to unauthorized snoopers mentioned above.

Seems, like CB radio and Marine radio frequencies, the FCC is overwhelmed with FRS / GMRS UHF radio and in process of rule making, "giving up", and "please be nice on the band". Some blister pack radios still come with a license notice or application. Sources say, who?, sources - say, of millions of FRS / GMRS radios sold, nobody pays attention to the incomprehensible jumble of regs.-rules. Be nice.

Neighbor Radio repeaters are fully licensed and legally operated by Robert Hutchinson, GMRS License - WQQZ543, Ham Radio license - N5CNN, Wireless Industry Association, Neighborhood Watch Radio and other GMRS, Ham radio or other service FCC licensees. The International (Morse) code you may hear from a Neighbor Radio repeater is the GMRS call sign ID, WQQZ543.








Charges with USB or uses AA or AAA alkaline.

Most any GMRS with privacy codewill operated simplex repeater.