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Neighbor Radio projects are for urgent, non-urgent, emergency, chat or watch communications in a neighborhood group or larger community district..

"When local cell phone communications is absolutely most needed, - - - It will not be available".
Wireless Industry Association president, Bob Hutchinson, Houston, 1997.

Proven correct over and over since1997
Now - 2017 Hurricanes.

Hard to imagine hurricane victims with no communications, no power, no gas, no transportation, nothing?

Emergency repeater wil cover entire neighborhood district/subdivision - components to convert a radio into a repeater  cost about  $75.

Individual GMRS radios $15 - $30 eacj. Click Test Your Radio.
 See Repeater Setup.

Neighbor Radio emergency communications simplex repeaters can be accessed and operated by most any FRS, GMRS or UHF two-way radio. This system provides a larger area of emergency neighborhoods communications than short radio-to-radio communications. limited only by  repeater or antenna elevation.

The FRS / GMRS radio system has twenty two channels that can be utilized for emergency simplex repeater operations.

Your old GMRS radio works -CLICK HERE- Test it.

77055 Houston ZIP  (typical)
Tappenbeck.Nextdoor.com Group Coverage    

GMRS CH17      462.6000 mHz.    Tone Sql 203.5 Hz.


77055 Houston (typical )
Spring Branch Groups Coverage       

GMRS CH16      462.5750 mHz     Tone Sql 203.5 Hz,


Neighbor Radio Is A
Public Service non-profit project.
No information gathered.
Nothing sold here.

Most GMRS two-way radios can be operated with "AA or "AAA" batteries for emergency communications either through repeaters for wide area or direct radio-to-radio communications. 

Inexpensive GMRS or UHF two-way radios, distributed free to some Houston, 77055 participants, operate over a neighborhood area utilizing Neighbor Radio site simplex *"Parrot" repeaters located centrally.

Electric-Power-Grid-Independent Backup Neighborhoods Communications
Neighbor Radio site repeaters can operate electric-grid-independent during any power outage using 50+ watt Solar Panel and battery storage as power source.

              Any Radio
Almost any GMRS/FRS or UHF Two-Way Radio capable of Tone Squelch #32 (203.5 Hz.) will work with Neighbor Radio  Project repeaters. Many radios, even blister pack radios, accept AA or AAA batteries for communications when other systems fail. Dust em off, charge em, re-battery them, set em up as above. They're now range expanded Neighbor Radios.



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Who said, "when local cell phone communications is absolutely most needed, - - - It will not be available"?
Bob Hutchinson, Wireless Industry Association president
, 1997. Proven correct over and over.

In the last few years, Worldwide, its now proven that Government, at even local level, will shut down cell phone systems to thwart decent or to control or stop public communications.

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Neighbor Radio is sponsored and funded by:
Wireless Industry Association's non-profit Neighborhood Watch Radio program and group neighbors

For more info or free Neighbor Radios contact your Neighbor Radio Coordinator for assistance and Radios. We need volunteers.

Nothing bought or sold here. No personal information is required. This is a Non-profit public service project.

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Repeater Setup


Repeater Components Cost About $75

There are millions of these little radios in America that can be utilized in emergencies.

Most any FRS / GMRS / UHF radio can be a wide area emergency repeater.

Camping, hunting, kids, businesses.

Elevated simplex repeater provides wide area emergency ommunications.